Welcome to the True Root Resource List! 

  One of my favorite things to do is list my favorite things to do. 

  Yeah, I know, weird. 

   But I figured I might as well make this habit useful to others on the True Roots Resource page! 

 This is the start of a list of books, websites, and other resources that I have found especially helpful along the journey as I learn to grow from the ground up.  Be sure to check back because I'll be updating the list as needed. 
Feel free to comment with recommendations!

*Note: I have not been sponsored by any person or company on this list. If I ever am, I will let you know. I simply want to connect you with resources that you may find as helpful as I have!

Matters of the Heart:


  •  Canva graphic design site is a very intuitive way to make online graphics for free. (For more technology resources, click here)
  •  Flashback Summer is a vintage fashion/hospitality blog.  (Emileigh's my sister, but its a great blog with tons of great ideas to get you started!)


  •  Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat by Melissa Joulwan. Smudge Publishing, LLC.  This is a great book of recipes for Paleo and Whole30 eaters! 
  • Yoga with Adriene is one of my favorite yoga channels; she has videos for many different types of yoga, from Power to Yin to Bedtime. 
  • Nerd Fitness. This is a great resource for learning practical steps to develop a healthy lifestyle, including eating well, strength training, measuring progress etc. Writing with wit and humor, the author, Steve, is all about people making long-term life changes, and the site provides a community with which to develop those habits. 


  • The EntreLeadership Podcast, hosted by Chris Hogan, is a great resource for "lessons from Dave Ramsey on business, team building, and leadership". 
  • Ted Talks. I love these audio/video casts that range from topics like spoken word poetry, to scientific innovation, to comedy about the Middle East. If you're wanting to be more well-rounded, this is the place to be. 


  • Everest is an iPhone app that is like a social media hub for travelers. I have found it inspiring and informational, as I see people from all over the world post artful pictures of their travels, and am able to share my own. 

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