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I believe that some of the most beautiful aspects of life are the small, mundane, seemingly insignificant things such as laughter with friends, watching the seasons change, or even wearing your favorite shoes. What better way than to capture these moments with a camera? 

   I really value beauty and creativity, so I am careful to be artful in the pictures and graphics I use for this blog. I'm in the beginning stages of the craft, so I'll be posting software, photography, and other technology resources here as I learn and use them. Have recommendations?  Email me at I'd love to hear from you!


  • Canva is a free, intuitive, and quick way to make web graphics.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud. This is a variety of apps that deal with graphics, web design, audio, and many other areas of technology. I just joined because they have monthly student rates that gave me access to many different apps. (My favorite is Fireworks CS6 )


  • I use a Nikon D300 that I've had for almost 6 years. What a trooper. 
  • I currently only have a 55mm lens, but hopefully that will change soon.
  • PicLab HD is a sweet app that allows you to add text, filters, and other edits straight from your phone. Handy, indeed.


  • Everest is my new favorite iPhone app, and is a social media hub for travelers. It often inspires me because of the artfulness with which people take pictures of their travels and everyday lives. 

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