Friday, August 29, 2014

Resume: Life Organization Tip #1

     Yet another academic year is in full swing, and as I anticipated, I am going to need to be super organized in order to stay on top of things. I have finished all but two of my general education classes, leaving only my major specific subjects for these last two years of college. I am majoring in Communication Studies, and am taking classes like Public Relations, Small Group and Organizational Communication, as well as Political Communication, amongst others. 

    I'm sensing a common theme throughout all of my classes of the importance of story, so as an aspiring writer, I am greatly looking forward to honing my skills in communicating various types of story, whether it is the image of an organization to their publics, an individual's experience throughout their life, or the history of a culture as it shifts and transforms across time. 

     I am naturally not an organized or orderly person, so it is necessary for me to consciously think of ways to manage my time, energy, and resources to accomplish all that  I need to this year in these classes. One thing that I created a few days ago was the DUE DATE CHART of FALL 2014: 

               DUE DATE CHART FALL 2014


Due Date



Public Relations


Political Comm


SG/Org Comm


Global Conn


Host Job

      I have definitely been guilty of forgetting assignments that are due, but with this simple chart, staying on top of assignments is a lot easier. There is a chart for every week, and each class has a space, so instead of having to look over every syllabus, I can simply check the chart and have them all in one place, helping me to look and plan ahead.  It is also helpful in deciding whether or not I can take on other activities because I can have a clear picture of how assignment-laden my weeks will be across the semester. 

     I adopted this kind of chart around finals last semester, and even though I had a lot of work to finish and difficult classes, my stress level was very manageable because I knew what I needed to do and when I was going to work on it. Making a Due Date Chart does take some time to put together at the beginning, but will save you a lot of time (and maybe even grade points!) throughout the semester.

     This chart is a rich text format (.rtf) document that can be made on word processors as simple as Text Edit, but is an invaluable resource to any student or professional who likes to keep their work (and even personal life) organized. 

     I will be posting day-to-day organization options soon, so be sure to check back!

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