Monday, August 11, 2014

Explore: The True Root Adventure List

     I live in a smallish town that has an unusual abundance of banks, “Chinese” restaurants, and churches. It’s a great town, and I like it, but sometimes finding fun and new things to do can be a challenge. And I have found that stress from university life (and life outside of it!) can be all-consuming. What I mean is that we can sometimes become so focused on all we need to do that we forget to slow down, have fun, and make memories.

To combat these things I sometimes felt last year, I have created this list of adventures to help keep things fresh. The following things are part of that list. And only a few require fundage  (All the college students say “booyah!”) Most items on this list would be super fun by yourself, but each would be ten million times better if you brought a friend or two! 

    I hope you can use the TRUE ROOT ADVENTURE LIST as a starting point for your own wild adventures as summer ends! 

1.Go on a road trip to an unknown destination

2.Buy food from the farmer’s market, make a meal, eat it on the square downtown

3.Find a new place to hike and go explore

4.Coffee crawl: see which coffee shop has the best coffee in town (watch caffeine intake;)

5.Plant flowers under a stop sign

6.Invite people to a dorm potluck in your room; enjoy the weird meal that is sure to occur 

7.Gather your music loving friends and have a jam session/write a song

8.Build/make something with twigs and other natural materials outside

9.Clean up one of your favorite parts of the city 

Me on an adventure that did NOT require a huge backpack full of water, extra food, and hardcore hiking boots like I thought. Springfieldians, I went to the Nature Center. (That's a paved trail behind me). At least the kids passing me in flip-flops had a good laugh.
12.Have a dance party with a few of friends on a bridge 

13. Explore somewhere you would normally never go (a business, a church, a mosque, sports complex, etc.) and try to blend in 

14. Hear someone’s life story; share yours

15. Take your camera on a walk around the neighborhood and find things you had never noticed before

16. Write a comedy routine and perform it for a stressed friend (or better yet, a stranger!)

17. Go to the public library and look at the bulletin board for community events; go to one

Found a scenic spot while in Colorado.

18. Watch the sunrise in a scenic spot before class

19. Convince an unlikely friend to go to vegan club (or wherever you go that matches your hobby)

20. “Kidnap” a friend and take them for coffee

21. Hang out at a nursing home (maybe a good place for that stand up comedy?)

22. Attend an open mic night; perform a poem with a friend

23. Take a friend and interview people about what they think love is; talk about their answers

24.Go birding; try to draw the coolest bird that you see

25. Drink Bubble Tea

26. Find a crew that does slack-lining and learn how

27. Go on a walk in your neighborhood and see where the side streets lead

28. Visit a nearby town or city and explore downtown

29. Play mall bingo (you make up the rules)

30.  Find a stage and make a speech about the varieties of toothpaste available to the American consumer (or some other outlandish subject)

Some of my most adventurous pals and me.
There you have it! I would LOVE to hear your experiences if you do end up trying any of these things or have any of your own ideas, so please feel free to comment or email me! 


  1. I like #8 haha, Colin

  2. I've got a few! they're kind of indoor ones, but hey, i think they're cool enough to count in this list: invent your own board game, make your own jewellery, do your hair in a hairstyle you've never tried before, and re-arrange your furniture (just to shake things up). hope these are good!

  3. Colin, you would like that one!
    And thanks, Jessica, those are great! Perfect rainy day ideas:)