Thursday, July 31, 2014

Health: The Fun with Faraway Friends List


     After discussing long-distance dating relationships with friends involved in them, and after having long-distance friendships and family relationships myself, I have determined that being far away from people we love is so not fun. In this transient world, we often face the challenge of maintaining relationships with people right in front of us as well as relationships with people thousands of miles away. 
Sometimes keeping up with people via technology can become monotonous, and it can be hard to form new memories when you’re talking with one another through a screen. I have made the following list of ideas as a starting point to help shake things up with your long-distance pals. 

So here it is! The Fun with Faraway Friends List: 

Have a (Skype) coffee date 

Wishing you could drown your sorrows in some good joe with your long-distance pal? Who said you couldn’t? Take your smart phone or computer to your favorite coffee shop and show your pal around. Then set the computer down at a cozy table and get ready for a good heart-to-heart. 

Carry them around

If you’re really missing your pal today, why not see if they could come with you via smart phone? FaceTime them a tour of your favorite spots on campus, taking time to stop and chat with friends you come across, and giving your pal a glimpse into your everyday life.  Then, give them a chance to show you their world as well. Note: I would recommend limiting this idea to every so often because it could become obnoxious to others;)

Sing a (FaceTime) Duet

What do you and your pal like to do together? If it is play music, why not play piano and Skype your friend as they sing along? If it is play video games, play the same one as you’re on the phone. Cook the same dish, read a book together…Whatever you like to do, it may not be impossible to include your pal, even from so far away!

Get Your Prank On

One way to make a memory is to pull a (harmless) prank on one of your friends and include your pal in the process. Is it jumping out and scaring someone? Describe your surroundings and let your pal help you find the perfect hiding spot. Is it rearranging their furniture? Include them when that friend shows up unexpectedly, requiring you to book it back to your room. Be creative and laugh a lot! 

Break out the Books

Studying with friends can be one of the least productive but most fun things a student can do. If you and your friend are both feeling the pressure around finals, head to the library, break out your computer or smart phone and ask if you can quiz them on the material for their next exam. Or, if you can both be focused, stay online and have a good ol’ fashioned study-date. 

Get Starry-Eyed

Go to your local book store and find a Star Map (i.e. a foldable booklet that shows all of the constellations and their names). If you’re in the same hemisphere, both of you take your smart phones or computers out to a clear-sky spot and see how many constellations you can find. If you’re not in the same hemisphere, describe what you see to one another. Either way, spark deeper conversation by voicing the questions that can’t help but come to human’s minds when they watch the skies. 

Plan an Adventure

Sometimes simply dreaming and discussing a future adventure can help build a friendship, but this time, there are no limits! If you could just leave right now, where would you go? Want to be assistants to the President? Bums in Europe? Dive instructors in the Indian Ocean? This wild planning session could be a starting point for closer-to-home adventures, but actually making the trip doesn’t matter at the outset—just laugh and dream, because the sky’s the limit! 

There you have it! The first installment of The Fun with Faraway Friends List! What have you found helpful in maintaining long-distance friendships? How do you make memories with Faraway Friends? Help a sister out and comment below! ;)


  1. Snapchat Funny/Ugly Faces Competition! ;)
    Or, have take snapchat pictures with strangers on the street, and share the story with your friend via Skype/FaceTime afterwards.

    Basically, challenge each other to do fun, against-the-norm type stuff. Even though you'll be in your respective cities, you'll both have funny (possibly embarrassing) experiences to share, and each with their own unique outcome!

  2. You seem to have a pretty good handle on staying in touch this way, girlie! However, one idea I have (if both of you are the artsy type) is to send an art journal back and forth and create a page or two (on an agreed theme) and then send it back. Sharing art is very bonding...or make each other ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) and get friends to create some as well to send to your friend.