Saturday, June 21, 2014

Heart: True Root

Trees are often used in analogies, and with good reason.  Being a nature lover, I have spent many an hour outside surrounded by the sound of swaying branches.  And if trees can teach us anything, it is the importance of seasons.

  Now it is summer, and the leaves are brilliantly green, making the branches appear full, but soon it will be autumn when the branches will shed their fullness,  and then winter where the trees will lie bare and exposed to the biting winds.  Of course spring will eventually come, bringing new growth and new fruit. Seasons. We understand the importance of seasons, whether in trees or our own lives. 
     I believe there is something of equal or even greater importance than the trees’ apparent fruitfulness in any one season: the roots. The roots are the trees’ foundation. Whether the season cultivates abundance or barrenness, the tree will survive or die because of the strength of the roots.
Each person has a system of roots that will either help them thrive throughout their lifetimes or will eventually cause them to wither. This blog is a discussion of my learning how to make choices that will strengthen my roots. It is easy to find the effects of shallow roots, when we see people making foolish and seemingly uncharacteristic choices later in life.  Struggles not dealt with will raise their heads again eventually.  I fully recognize that I am not above mistakes or falling, and thus want to focus on building a strong foundation now that 
will be able to withstand seasons of pain, loss, change, and even success in the future.  

We have one life to live, so why not live well?

True Root will be a discussion of what I learn as I develop my roots. 

Currently I would like to develop my habits in five key areas:
Heart: Relationship with others, character development, loving God more
Health: Fitness, food, finances, wellbeing 
Exploration: Travel, trying new things, stretching beyond my comfort zone
Creativity: Grow in artistic and musical abilities, support cultural endeavors, valuing beauty
Resume:  Developing my marketable skills for future job opportunities

Honestly, it seems a little daunting, thinking of how to go about growing in each one of these areas. However, I’m keeping in mind that each day will present choices in some or all of these categories, so I can take it one day at a time.  I have long-term goals in mind and loose plans in how to achieve them, but the only concrete thing I have is the next step in front of me. 

This lifestyle adventure is sure to include stories, trips to the farmer’s market, yoga classes, coffee dates, messy mishaps, airplane rides, mundane practice times, weekends of homework (with fun, too, of course), lots of laughs and probably some meltdowns, mistakes and success, and hopefully lots of new perspective as I learn how to grow from the ground up. 

(For more of the backstory of True Root click here)

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