Friday, June 27, 2014

Heart: Intentionally Green

    This week my dad needed to meet with someone at the coast, so we decided to make it a mini-vacation and spend a few days by the Red Sea. We loaded up our things into a taxi-van and set out on the five hour ride across the desert from Aswan to a place called Marsa Alam. 

    After dropping Father* off with his colleagues, Marms* and I continued on to the hotel, ready to relax by the ocean. As we pulled into the hotel grounds, I marveled at the number of beautiful plants lining the drive way.  After checking in, I was even happier to find that a variety of plants covered the entire hotel area, from bushes with dainty white flowers to tall date trees.  

In the few days that we were there, I went on walks each morning at sunrise to explore the areas up and down the beach. One thing I observed on those walks is that the plants within the resort were not an accident. They were planted and taken care of continually. I assumed this must be true because as soon as I walked past the hotel grounds, the green gave way to barren desert; from the tide to the dunes miles in the distance, there lied only pieces of broken shells and coral on top of sand. Even though an entire body of water rests right next to the land, nothing can grow. 

This observation had me thinking about how the same phenomenon can occur in my own life. Within the fabric of my being lies potential for creativity, love, ideation, but those things will not grow on their own. Like the trees need fresh water to grow, I need to make choices that will water the seeds I hope will grow in my own life. 

The desert is not wasteland, but a thing of beauty in and of itself. It holds the potential for lush growth, but that growth will not occur randomly. Intentionality and purpose separate miles of sand dunes from a garden that provides refreshment and joy to many. 

So the question is, have you watered those seeds today? 

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Just kidding about that, but I do call my dad "Father" and my mom "Marms"...its the result of reading a lot of classic books as a kid:)

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