Friday, June 20, 2014

The Inaugural Post

  Happy Saturday and welcome to True Root! 

As this is the inaugural post, let me first take a moment to introduce myself. 

My name is Aria, and I have always thought that blogs are intriguing, but weird. They’re like virtually “standing on the street corner”,  declaring the happenings of my life to any passersby.  As one who loves to exchange ideas, this concept is both thrilling and slightly frightening at the same time—presenting my thoughts to friends and strangers, hoping they will be well received.  

But then again, I’m learning to live fearlessly, so what have I got to lose? 

Though one of probable millions of blogs on the “inter webs”, my voice is one of one, so I just might have unique perspective to offer and encouragement to give. 

I am twenty years old, nearing twenty one, and will be a junior in university this fall. With each semester has come more growth and experience, leading me to discover just how pivotal this season of life really is. I’ve made wise and foolish choices, and have watched others do the same, each choice partnered with short-term and/or long-term consequences. I’ve seen people come from unimaginably difficult upbringings make choices that will set them up for brighter futures, but I’ve also seen the opposite occur.

Where I come from does not necessarily determine where I will go. What I hope my life will look like forty or fifty years down the road will not come about because of any childhood experiences, university classes, or friends’ input. It will come about because of choices that I make that will determine my life’s direction. 

Now, this is not necessarily a “Christian blog”, but I am a Christian, and since Jesus is an important part of my life, I will talk about him sometimes. My view of choices making life is held within the belief that God is ultimately in control of the universe, and I am careful to listen to his guidance and wisdom for each day and the future because his plans for me are good. Within the set of boundaries that is Biblical wisdom,  I believe he gives me freedom to make choices in many areas of life, such as exercise, friendship, food, hobbies, etcetera.  This blog is a discussion of the journey I am on to set myself up to live a God-glorifying life that includes growing in my health, creativity, exploration, and relationship habits.  

Basically, I want to make choices that will help me live life well. 

I often say that I wish I could major in everything because I love trying and learning new things. Because of that, this blog may seem random at times, but the topics will all deal with this journey I am on in consciously learning to act on what I value the most.  My hope in writing this blog is that you may be inspired to do the same. 
(For more on what this blog is about click here)

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