Sunday, June 22, 2014

Health: 3 by 29

   My birthdays have been quite eventful throughout the years.  From horseback riding to sailboat rides, they always seem to be an adventure. 

   Before I turned 17, I informed my friends that they needed to help me come up with "crazy" things to do every day for two weeks before the big day. The "craziest" things involved pretending to be angry and flipping a table over (it was not as dramatic as it sounds) and climbing on a roof. 

   I had Ethiopian food on my 18th birthday, then spent the night on the bathroom floor with food poisoning. (Happy birthday to me!)

   Like I said, they're pretty exciting. 

   My 19th birthday was a little different. I hung out with my new pals as a freshman at college. Feeling nostalgic as I considered the past and looked ahead to my last year as a teenager, I made a pact with myself. This pact was the "3 by 29",which stated that I would accomplish three things by 29 years old: learn the piano, be nearly fluent in Arabic, and run a marathon.  

   High aspirations...especially in light of my last run...

   A year and a half later, I am still committed to sticking with the 3 by 29. I continued my study of Arabic at the state school last year, am now taking piano lessons from my good ol' dad, and have definitely thought about training for a marathon. (I know its a lame excuse, but I'll be focusing more on yoga than on running for the time being.) 

   29 seems like forever away, but from what I've heard, life goes by faster the older you get. As much as it seems like a sloth could outrun my progress with these goals, I'm trying to enjoy the journey. I continue to learn new words in Arabic, new chords on the piano, and grow new muscle in my workouts, happy to at least be taking steps in the right direction. 

   People usually set goals on New Year's Day, but why not give yourself a fresh start this July 1st that's coming up? Maybe pacts you've made with yourself in the past haven't worked out, but its a new day, and its never too late to try. 

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